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General Organization for Seed Multiplication

 General Organization for Seed Multiplication (GOSM) is one of the most important productive agricultural organizations of economic feature in Syrian Arab Republic. GOSM was established in accordance with the decree-law no. /190/, year 1970 at the service of the farmer and to provide with all its requirements of agricultural improved sieved and sterilized (processing) seed in competitive prices, and its functions are as follows:

1.    to multiply, import and export the agricultural improved seed as cereals, legume, potatoes, cotton, maize, sugar beet, vegetables and its seedlings, saplings of fruitful trees, and what the board of the directors considers necessary for multiplication.  

2.    to buy and import the requirements of multiplication such as seeds plants, botanical resources, machinery, tools, equipments, materials, real estate…etc.

3.    to sell and distribute seed, seedlings, tubers, bulbs and others directly through GOSM or through the branches of cooperative agricultural bank in all the governorates.

4.    to set up extension typical fields in lands of others to achieve the goals of the organization and to arrange training courses for the employees who are working in different domains in order to be qualified in seed production and marketing.

Board of the directors supervises on GOSM's activities who are consisted of:

1-   General Director of GOSM

2- Deputy  of General Director

3-   Finance affairs director

4-   Quality Control director

5-   Statistics and Planning director

6-   Representative of general union of peasants

7-   Representative of general union of labor


In the light of this fact, the organization's works started development since  its establishment till now /1975-2004/ and that is through development   and full exploitation of all the agricultural possibilities quantitatively and qualitatively, with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency from the important strategic crops and attaining food security, and the organization's works started development in many directions:

   First- the everlasting effort for increasing  the production of different varieties which are multiplied for the purpose of achieving self-sufficiency and exporting superabundant, for example, GOSM's production from wheat seed on 1976 was about /1460/ ton, but now the organization could ensure market need from wheat seed.

   Second- extension in selecting species and varieties and its approval in renewed multiplication plan permanently and that is in cooperation with national, Arabic and international research centers (General Committee for Scientific Agricultural research – ACSAD – ICARDA …).

   Third- using the newest agricultural techniques for seed production and monitoring its specifications where GOSM has new laboratory providing with newest necessary equipments for seed quality control, also it has developed center for sieving and sterilizing (processing) the seed in addition to the tissue culture's laboratories provided with newest equipment which is necessary for using this technique in seed production. 



The Organizational structure to GOSM


The organizational frame to GOSM consists of the following directorates:

1.    Crops Production directorate

2.    Tissue Culture directorate

3.    Quality Control directorate and variety preservation

4.    Marketing directorate

5.    Statistics and Planning directorate

6.    Financial and Trade Affairs directorate

7.    Interior Control directorate

8.    Administrative and Legal Affairs directorate

9.    Accounting directorate

10.     Seed Multiplication Stations directorate

11.     Director General Bureau directorate


Also GOSM are related to number of branches which covered, since its establishment till now, most of the Syrian governorates, which its number arrived /11/ branches: Aleppo, Al-Hasakeh, Deir-Ezzour, Al-Raqqa, Idleb, Hama, Homs, Lattakia, Tartous, Damascus, Izraa.

Also Hassakeh branch is related to four sections and one section for each of Aleppo and Raqqa branches. 




GOSM on the Technical Level

       GOSM has new laboratories for multiplying Banana, Palms, Sweet Potato by using techniques of Tissue Culture, also these laboratories are used for performing the research projects in favor of GOSM or in cooperation with other research centers in the country (General committee for Scientific Agricultural Research – universities …).

·       In GOSM there is a number of field stations for doing tests to multiplying the primary stages of certified seed through scientific agricultural research centers under various climatic conditions as in Jezraya and Albasel stations in Aleppo and Burj-Kaai station in Homs and Alkahtanieh station in Hassakeh, which cover special importance to results of those stations and its certification in the productive plan.

·       GOSM has /13/ units for preparing the sieved and sterilized (processing) seed according to the certified qualifications distributing pursuant to grains production areas in the country, as following:

1.            in Al-Hassakeh: Hassakeh, Alkameshli, Tel-Alo, Almalkieh and Alderbasieh centers.

2.            in Aleppo: Tel-Blat, Japanese and Germanic centers.

3.            in Hamah: Almadik Castle and Kafer-Behem centers.

4.            in Alrakkah: Tel-Abyad and Alrakkah centers.

5.            in Daraa: Izraa center.


·       GOSM has three cooling units in each of Aleppo, Hamah, and Damascus for storing potato seed, capacity of each unit /3000/ ton.

·       GOSM has a number of the ordinary storehouses for storing different crops' seed in most branches which distinguish by bigness of its works and production from seed whereas total of its storing capacity arrives /100000/ ton, also GOSM is storing the raw seed in the specified opens and which increase with increasing seed production incoming to the organization from the contracting farmers.



The Organizational structure to GOSM

GOSM on the Technical Level



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